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Friday, January 11, 2013

The "Washcosh" Queen

CHECK IT OUT!!!  Lily can fold squares of fabric!  Wanna know who taught her?  I have no clue!  

Seriously, I just looked over one day and saw here folding her dolly blankets up into neat little squares (that she called "iPods!") and I was like... hey, wait a minute...


Okay so let's get real, all the moms out there know she's not really all that helpful.  But I'm trying to be open minded... she's helped me with the towels and washcloths a few times.  And I've also let her hang some small things on the drying rack while I hang the rest of the load.  

This whole idea of Lily is actually old enough to do some household chores has really made me think of other things she might be able to do.  And at the advice of a friend I put our silverware drawer a little lower, so both Sam and Lily can help me sort them!  The possibilities are endless!  

The coolest thing is, it's actually kind of fun to do these things with her.  We do stuff like this (as well as puzzles, arts and crafts, reading, etc) while Sammy is napping.  I've been staggering their naps so Sam is down an hour before Lily. And it works really awesome because Lil and I get just enough time to do stuff together while I still get a break from both Monkeys!  

And I'm starting to realize my baby is kind of becoming a big kid.  Wow.


  1. Crazy how they grow!! She's my favorite little 3yr. Old girl!! I was just dreaming of the day when kids can help with the housework... Ahhh. Zave has started helping me clean up toys more regularly. Nice to know he can...

    1. Yeah Lily and Sam are both getting better about toys. But Sam is actually better than Lil! Lily is already perfecting the art of stalling. Joy.