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Sunday, January 13, 2013

When Fireworks, Mud, and Hippie Carpet Cleaner Collide

Guys, this is Otterberg at midnight on New Year's.  Isn't it just amazing?  Photo credit goes to Kirsten, who was so smart and set up her camera on a tripod... this is a two minute exposure from our side patio.  We all watched in amazement as Otterberg went up in flames... until we got distracted by setting off our own fireworks...

Please imagine with me a group of about 10 guys who are seriously enjoying their alcoholic beverages on New Year's Eve. Then imagine with me that they live in a country where you can buy fireworks at just about any German store to celebrate.  Now imagine that it has been kind of wet and rainy that day, some of them have never lit off fireworks before, they are setting them off from my garden, and they are ecstatic!  AND imagine that I forgot about the champagne so we all frantically run inside to get it and toast to 2013.  With our shoes still on.

I'm seriously kicking myself for not taking a picture of my floors before I cleaned them!  The majority of my flooring is tile, which obviously cleans up pretty easy (though the mop water was black in about two seconds) but the carpet in the living room was just covered in mud!  Oh, and we've also been dumping ash from the fire in the garden, so it was sooty-mud.  Yum.

So what do I do?  Check out Pinterest for a DIY cleaner, DUH.  We only paid $50 for this floor rug but I still don't want to spend the next 15 months enjoying a stained carpet!  Also my kids sit and play on it, so I wanted to clean it without harmful chemicals.  Also I'm cheap frugal so I didn't want to have to rent a steam cleaner or what-not.

Here's what I used.  Baking soda, vinegar, and water... why am I not surprised?  Seriously, this recipe worked like a charm.  It was only two-day-old mud, but still.  Came right out!

Quick!  Someone go spill a mug of coffee or a glass of red wine on your carpet and let me know how it works! Bonus points if you let it sit for a few days and test how it works on a real set-in stain ;o)  You are so welcome for the tip and thanks in advance for your dedication to experimental carpet cleaning!

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