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Monday, April 29, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things (in the Car)

Before I got back to my regular scheduled broadcast, the girls each said something really funny while driving to and fro during our Keukenhof trip...

Sammy:  "Oh NO!  There's POOP on yours neck MOM!  Take it offa you!!!"  (in reference to the small mole on the back of my neck at the base of my hair line.  Apparently she'd never noticed it before!)

Lily:  "Mom I want to be alive!  I don't want to sleep!"  (Alive = awake)

Life with kids.  Car rides with kids.  Gotta love it!


  1. how to make a gram laugh right out loud and then just smile for 10 mins!!! xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Glad it brought a smile to your face! It's hard to remember to write and blog those funny sayings, but I know you guys love em :o) XOXO