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Monday, July 22, 2013

Slow Down, Savor, and Cherish...

Last weekend Jesse was mowing the lawn and he came inside with a little flower for me, which he deposited in a shot glass on the windowsill and left to finish the lawn... without saying a word.

We were fighting a lot that day.  But as I watched him with the flower, I smiled.  We fight a lot, so the fighting, while it's difficult in the moment, isn't that big a deal.  They say opposites attract, and I say opposites also fight a lot.

This flower lasted well over a week in that tiny shot glass on my windowsill.  And in the evenings, it caught the light just beautifully.  And made me smile and think happy thoughts about my marriage.

Here it is another night.  A completely different look.  Still gorgeous.

One of my favorite things to do with my camera is freeze the tiny, beautiful details of my life so I don't forget them.  We forget things so easily, don't we?  Like when we're fighting "a lot" with our spouse, we forget how much we love each other.

But the sun still shines.  I need to remember these sunny details in the moments where the "big picture" of life seems bleak.  Or frantically busy.  Or covered with pee.  (We're still in the potty training trenches...)

And as J and I approach our 6th year anniversary, I smile...  

Love you Babe.  Thanks for the flower.