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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Dude... Dude... Focus, Dude...Dude?"

I'm fighting for focus today... dudes.  Actually I've been fighting to focus for the past two weeks, but I'm seriously going to work on it today.

I need to focus on something specific, and it's called being okay with stopping projects to take care of people (and chores, but the chores aren't as fun)... So essentially, I have to shake myself out of the excited-about-this-project-laser-focus that has me trying to focus on the project too much.

What's the project, you ask?  Well, it's kind of a surprise but I'm not very good at keeping surprises SO I'll tell you it starts with a "pho-" and ends with a "-tography business"... EEEEEEEK!!!

But that's all I'm telling you.  For now ;o) 

The main point of today's post is to proactively apologize if the blog is a little quiet for the next two weeks or so.  I was going to take an intentional "blog-break" to focus on my project, but Jesse reminded me that my project is going to take months.  The husband speaks truth.

In classic Jessica-fashion, I assumed that once the Holbeins left in June, everything was going to "slow down"... when will I learn that a) it never slows down and b) I'm not the kind of person who likes a slow pace, anyways!  J is constantly begging me to relax and sit down.  But I rarely do.  And even when I'm sitting down, it's at the computer "doing things." Lately, things for my business :o)

But yeah, I have a lot of creative energy and I guess it has to go somewhere.  Hence the blogging and homeschooling and hippie-homemade-cooking and starting my own business!!!  I just have to be careful not to let myself burn the candle at both ends unnecessarily.  I can function pretty dang awesome on a steady stream of iced coffee, power naps, and yoga workouts. I just have to be careful not to take it to the extreme.

For my kids' sake, my husband's sake, and MY SAKE, I need to focus in the moment today.  And every day.  So the words of Crush will be echoing in my head at each step of the day... "Focus, Dude..." because the reality is that I want to focus on only this one cool exciting thing, but I have tons of other cool exciting things going on!  Like a bakery date with a mother-hen from church who I just realized lives in my village!  And a big batch of chili to sustain us for the next three days!  And a "Christmas in July" play date tomorrow!

As a busy stay at home mom who loves to be busy, I don't have the luxury of only focusing on one thing.  It's focusing on all these things I do... with balance and peace.  One things at a time.  Only the thing I'm working on.  Think about what's next (like, finishing this blog post, waking husband up, and getting his coffee/lunch ready) but don't worry about it.  You'll find the time for "all that other stuff" but it will be in small chunks throughout the day.

Can anyone else relate to needing to FOCUS DUDE?

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