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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy #3 to the Baby

This girl.  I don't even know what to do with her sometimes.  Always on the run, always getting into trouble.  And never ever EVER sitting still!

Happy birthday to Miss Wiggly-do-da!


I had a hard time really interviewing her because whenever I tried, she just copied whatever Lily was saying (or doing) at the moment (story of her life)... but I'll try to fill in the blanks since I'm the Mom and all ;o)

Favorite color:  Definitely orange.

Favorite movie:  Not only the dinosaur movie (Land Before Time) but the Dinosaur Magic School Bus Episode.  And the movie Dinosaurs (yeeeeah she really likes dinos)

Favorite song:  She likes to sing along with Mup-ford-sons (Mumford & Sons) "I Will Wait"

Favorite stuffed animal:  Iris, her Build-a-Bear.

Favorite book:  That's a tough one... girl really loves to snuggle and read, but I haven't noticed a recent favorite.  She used to make me read the crap out of Fancy Nancy the Posh Puppy, because she wants a puppy.  (Last time we talked about it, she specifically wants an orange one the sweet thing)

Which reminds me that she has a Favorite request:  "Please you hold me?"  She loves to snuggle!  And sometimes she just needs a quick hug, that reassurance of your love, before heading back to play time.  And she's big into asking you to rub her back, it's so cute!

Happy Happy Birthday to Samma-lamma, Sammy-whammy... My Monkey.  We love you so much Miss Smiley Face!


  1. What a perfect picture of our baby girl. How I love my family!