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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kids Say (and Do) the Darndest Things

Okay, first things first: this is an un-staged hug, captured on camera!  Seriously!  I didn't even say "okay hug Sammy!" or ANYTHING!  I was just sitting there, minding my own business (I think I was trying to spot a gluhwein stand while I waited for J to finish buying our most recent artwork print for the wall) and I looked down to see what all the giggles were about and BAM - Cuteness attack. So there you go.

Back to the more serious stuff.  I mean time for some funny kid sayings and happenings..

(PS we found the gluhwein/hot chocolate stand... they are "modeling" their mustaches in this pic.. LJ is obviously grumpy that I'm interrupting hot chocolate consumption.)

Here are some recent funny Sam-isms: 
-"Noosic" = music
-"Susher" = flusher (i.e. toilet flusher)
-"Yamma-yemon" = watermelon
-"Some-Yammi" = salami

Silly story #1: 
While we were flossing teeth, Sam leaned over with no warning and licked me from my chin to my nose.  It was so gross but I was so surprised and shocked that I almost peed my pants laughing!  Ew.  (And yes, the laughing surely did NOT discourage the licking... took a few days to nip that in the bud haha)

Silly story #2:
I was teaching them to use the space bar on the computer to pause a movie themselves... so they can pause for potty breaks without me.  But they kept pressing it too long.  To demonstrate the quick nature of it, I added a sound effect while pressing pause, "see? fast, like 'BOOP!' this"  And now, they say "can I BOOP the movie?"  "I going to BOOP it back on"  And it's kind of sticking, too, because J and I have caught each other saying it instead of pause.  Kids...

-"Coffee-cat" = copy-cat
-"Baina" = banana
-"Danks" - thanks

Lily quote #1:  
Me (looking for my lens cap) "Now, where did I put my..."
Lily: "Super-suit?"  [Name that movie, Pixar Nerds!!!]

Lily quote #2:
Jesse: "Okay, Lily, now you have to make a wish, then blow out the candle! ... What did you wish for?"

Lily quote #3:
(in the car) "Oh! I have a hair Mom!  I think it's mine.  I'm gonna put it with the others.  OH NO!  It won't stay!"

Side note about hair - Lily was VERY unhappy with my choice of a short hair cut.  She was all "I want the old hair back, I don't yike dis new hair" and she also likes to throw in "you have short hair Mom, yike a boy.  You should grow it yonger and yonger yike Punzel's hair"  (Rapunzel's hair.  Yeah.  We've had a lot of talks about gender-neutral hair haha)

And now, for some Lily tree-decorating-techniques...

The pictures say a thousand words, right? :o)

I hope Double Trouble brought a smile to your face today.  These posts are always so therapeutic for me... they remind me how lucky I am to be blessed with two little monkeys who don't always drive me nuts!

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  1. This certainly DID make me smile! You've got such sweeties and though I know they have their days..it's worth it for this, isn't it? You're such a great Mom!