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Saturday, January 11, 2014

For the Book Worms: Bread & Wine

January just seems like the perfect month to curl up near the fire with a good book.  Adding a blanket and a hot cup of tea doesn't hurt.  As a mom of preschoolers, my reading time is often limited to ten minute increments... so sometimes it can be discouraging to the book-loving part of my soul.

Which is why I'm so so happy to recommend this amazing book to you.  It's called Bread & Wine and it's definitely my most recent favorite book of all time (which changes often ;o) but that's just me)  My Love got it for me for Christmas and I am pleased to report that I just couldn't put it down... AND I actually was able to finish it already because the chapters are the perfect length!

Shauna has written these amazing essays all about food.  Most of the short chapters have a recipe at the end!  But the book isn't just about food... it's about hospitality, that lost art of welcoming people we love to our tables and nourishing them not just with delicious food, but with the love and care we put into a meal.  In this busy season of life, I have felt sad for how little time I've spent in the kitchen.  The kitchen is my favorite room in the house, and this book reminded me why.  And encouraged me to get back to it!

Reading this book was like sitting down with a dear, wise friend... a true kindred spirit.  I can't recommend it enough! I was sad when it was over... like the feeling you get when you're having coffee with a friend and you don't want the conversation to end!

And it's not just for those of you who love to cook!  This book is for anyone who needs to eat!  The recipes are easy to understand and the inspiration to just roll up your sleeves and get in the kitchen is just amazing.

Deep down inside, I believe we all have to be a cook at some point.  You may not have two tiny humans and a hungry husband depending on you for nourishment each day, but your role as cook is just as important to the ones you love!  Even if it's "just" your own hungry tummy or the friends you invited over for pizza on a Friday night.

I have already learned how to make risotto from Shauna, and her recipe for white chicken chili is the easiest and possibly tastiest recipe I've ever used!  I can't wait to try her mango chicken curry, enchiladas, and I may even go fancy some night and give dark chocolate sea salted toffee a try - she makes it sound so easy!

So a big huge thanks to Jesse for the book and a huge thanks to you, reader, if you follow my link and purchase the book on amazon.  It's got plenty of great healthy recipes to kick start your New Year even if you want to save the richer fare for special occassions... and if you wanted some inspiration to get back in the kitchen, this is your cookbook.

To the food lover or experienced cook - this is your love letter to cooking.  Get it.  It will put a huge smile on your face!

I'm speaking from experience :o)


  1. it sounds like an interesting format...
    glad you've had a chance to read!
    love you

  2. I LOVED hearing from you again, my dear! Think of you often. Much love!!

  3. ps
    even though you haven't been blogging a lot, I still visit often to look at recipes or ideas! I finally have a jar our krout fermenting... I just did one jar to see what I think. I will let ya know what I think when it's done! :)

  4. have you read shauna's book bittersweet? I can't remember if I recommended it to you but it's one of my favorites.