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Friday, May 23, 2014

Air Force Wife Lesson #11... Being Thankful

Jesse had his first TDY recently. I can't remember exactly what that stands for, but just think of it as a short deployment and you'll be good to go. Sometimes, they can be 3-6 months long (which is basically a deployment in my opinion.) And sometimes they can be only a few weeks.

J's was only three days. 

It was more like a business trip ;o) Not anywhere dangerous... and actually a really cool experience for him, both professionally and personally. He got to visit some weather flights that he forecasts for. They were able to see the other side of the equation of their job. He seemed pretty excited about it. 

Since it was such a short TDY, it's not like I was inconvenienced or even really had time to get lonely. But I did think about the fact that I was alone. And I thought about what it must be like for pretty much every other military family I know, facing last-minute TDYs and loooooong deployments. And I wanted to be more thankful. 

I want to be thankful for the fact that we haven't had to go through a deployment, yet. It might seem selfish or strange to be like "I'm thankful because I compare my military experience with other wives and mine has been CAKE!" but it's true! I can't help it!

When he joined, I remember that deployments were a four-letter word in my mind. I was terrified of the fact that we were volunteering for a life where Uncle Sam was going to tell us where to live and when to move and would eventually separate us for times. So yes, I'm thankful that it just hasn't been that bad for us, yet. 

The D-word will eventually visit the Aiduk family. And I'm sure it will suck. But it's part of military life. And we'll be just fine when it happens. Until then...

...I, for one, am glad it hasn't happened, yet!

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