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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

On Dinosaurs, Quality Time, and Looking like a Dork as I "Weeeeee!!!" Down Little Kids' Slides

The dinosaurs are out of winter hibernation and our season pass to the Dino Park and the Japanese Gardens has already seen good use. Sam is still OBSESSED with dinosaurs... preferring dino movies/books/and toys to most others. 

And while you would think the appeal of the dino park would lose it's charm after the first 135 visits, apparently it's unbelievably exciting to see the dinosaurs every week... oh to be 3 and 4 again ;o)

This is a pretty cool stage of parenting. Not only is there light at the end of the potty training tunnel, but the girls are able to do more, express more, and communicate more. I love it!

With all this big-girl-ness going on, it's hard to resist the temptation to constantly let them play by themselves. I am by no means planning on being their entertainment, but I am almost done reading The 5 Love Languages of Children and I realized that I would like to work in more intentional quality time with the girls each day.

I've been amazed at the difference in the girls' after just a few weeks of Mommy being more involved... just a little goes a long way! I have been playing with barbies, cooking at the toy kitchen, sliding down slides that aren't really made for someone my size, and playing "soccer".

The benefits of daily quality time are obvious... but I am guilty of letting days go by where I don't play. Or taking them to the playground and parking my tush on the bench while they played and I read. Not that I don't bring a book to the Dino Park... I mean, Momma can only handle so much playtime ;o) But I do notice that everyone seems happier and more affectionate lately. I hope it's because we're all feeling the love!

["Okay everyone smile and look at the camera!" Or not.]

So three cheers for the reminder to be a more fun and involved Mom. And seeing the difference it makes in my kids! And three cheers for the Dino Park, which provides 4 hours of afternoon playtime in the sun while Dad is able to sleep (thumbs down for mid-shift) and Momma doesn't have to be a shhh-monster! 

Also, confession: When I'm at the park without backup and I have to convince them to leave without tears, I completely resort to bribery! But let's call it motivation ;o) "Hey girls, it's time to go... DO YOU WANT A POPSICLE ON THE WAY OUT???" ha.

Me: (exasperated) "Come on Lily, SMILE BIG for me!"
Lily: (equally exasperated) "I CAN'T Mooooom. I don't have as big a MOUTH as you!"

Fair point ;o) I love these two crazy girls!


  1. GREAT kid quote there, Lily!

  2. Hahahaahahahaa! "I don't have as big a mouth as you!" Best.

    Also, the only way we make it home from our playground without double meltdowns is bribery, too. No shame there!