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Thursday, June 19, 2014

For the Love of Cherries

Cherry season!!! We have been eagerly watching our tiny cherry tree in the yard, hoping there'd be enough cherries for a pie. 

And then we went over to Pedro and Julia's for dinner and had our faces melted off by how big their cherry tree is.

Exhibit A: Pedro and Julia's obnoxiously large tree. Please note that even with the ladder Lily and Sam could hardly reach the bottom branches.

Jesse and Pedro spent half an hour up in the tree and I don't think they really put a dent in the amount of fruit there was! Julia gave us a HUGE bowl full to take home :o) Cherry pie here we come!

Exhibit B: our cute little TINY cherry tree. Which the girls can almost harvest on their own.

And we only got this TINY bowl of cherries, not even enough for our pie! Good thing we robbed Pedro and Julia.

Jesse's Father's Day Pie = A SUCCESS! (after the pie rescue that involved re-baking an under-cooked bottom crust! oops!)

If you're curious about the cherry-picking outfits it's because I've been doing a lot of "photo shoots" with them and embracing the magic of letting them pick out their own outfits. Which makes them super cooperative and "empowered" I guess. With humorous and adorable results!

Man I love these girls.

Thanks Pedro and Julia! For spoiling us with an awesome dinner and for sharing your cherries!


  1. wow the colors are striking! and the littles look as though they are in a different historical time with their clothing choices :)
    oh and did I say, YUM!!? Haven't seen any cherries around yet...

    1. Haha yeah I LOVE these pictures. It really pays to let the kids dress themselves for photo shoots!