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Sunday, June 22, 2014

When in Rome: Party with Friends over Raclette

So when we were over at Pedro & Julia's robbing half of their cherry harvest, we were primarily there to enjoy their amazing hospitality.

Julia probably gets tired of my over-zealous questions about German culture but I can't help it! I find Germans so fascinating and I love learning new things! 

This winter, Julia introduced us to a tradition in Europe called Raclette. Everyone gathers around this cool cooking device on the table and stuffs their faces with meat, cheese, and veggies. I had so much fun (I've never seen anything like this before!) that I asked her if she'd host it again for me to take pictures and blog about it!

You know you found a true friend when she not only indulges your love of photography and blogging but takes special care to cut all the cheese and veggies extra pretty for your pictures! Thanks girl! 

So I did some digging (thank you google) and found out that raclette cheese hails from Switzerland. And this website had some cool info about this stinky cheese:

"The word "raclette" comes from the French word "to scrape." Raclette makes up a simple meal that was enjoyed by shepherds in the fields. They would boil up some potatoes, and heat a stone and melt a bit of the raclette cheese on the hot stone. Once melted, the cheese was scraped off and served on top of the potatoes. Raclette has a long history and has been mentioned in medieval writings."

So now you make it a bit more fancy, but the concept is still the same. Everyone gets their own little baby pan and scrapper to put some veggies and meats and raclette into... they you melt it under the pain pan. (Where there's usually some delicious meat sizzling) Julia usually serves a variety of cheeses, not just the raclette.

It's a super fun meal for a crowd because everyone gets to pick and choose what they want to try. We always end up getting super full and that's part of the fun! Julia serves it with potatoes and bread. Her family traditionally does this meal for New Year's when everyone gets to sit for hours and enjoy each other's company.

And the good food!

I love this meal so much because it's so endlessly versatile and interesting! I plan on getting one later so we can introduce others to it and brag about our cool German friend Julia who taught us how fun it is! 

By the way, did I ever introduce Julia properly? I need to get a picture of us together. And you pronounce her name "You-lee-a." Or, if you're under the age of five you pronounce it "You-ee-a" :o) 

And speaking of kids under the age of five, Pedro & Julia love to spoil ours with special treats. They found these gems at a German grocery store... that's coconut ice cream in a coconut shell AND orange ice cream in an empty orange peel! How fun is that? 

Three cheers for Germany! And thanks again P&J... a pleasure, as always. I'm going to die of miss when you guys move! 


  1. this post should have come with the warning- do not read before it's time for lunch! looked delish and what a cool tradition.
    of course the best is seeing the littles enjoying their ice cream :)

    1. Of course ;o) I know what my target audience wants on this blog hehe. XOXO