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Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Traditions | Sometimes Short & Sweet is All You Can Manage

I wanted to do more for Halloween this year. 

But when this week rolled around, I had to force myself back to my list of Things I Don't Do and remind myself that I don't stress out about minor holidays any more.

So... these pumpkins? That's it.

*Gasp* I know, right?

There were going to be really cool caramel popcorn balls from The Pioneer Woman's Holiday Cookbook {this is an affiliate link, if you use it I get a small compensation} but ALAS! No candy corns at the commissary!

Then there were going to be really cute spooky pumpkin pancakes for dinner (also from the PW cookbook) but ALAS, no milk. And Momma was tired. And the girlies weren't really too worried about it because I made them popcorn for dinner.

Which we ate on the couch watching Despicable Me 2.

Because there was totally going to be Trick-or-Treating this year but... 

...it's no fun for Mom to take Double Trouble out for that without Dad... who had to work tonight.

And praise the LORD my kids are still young enough that they don't realize they missed out on a crap-ton of candy tonight.

It's okay cause tomorrow is Lily's 5th birthday and I have blue cupcakes at. the. ready. (Thanks to Aunt Kirsten!)

So we "just" carved pumpkins this year.

Which we didn't even get at a "real" pumpkin farm (unless you count the pile of pumpkins outside the Commissary as a pumpkin farm?) but we did have a fun family memory.

Even if it was just that one! 

My favorite part of the carving was how quickly the girls' tune changed from "PLEASE can we carve pumpkins NOW? Pleeeeeeease????" (every five seconds) to "EWWWWW this is so SLIMY!!!"

"Haha, welcome to the real world my loves. We're not going to do all the dirty slimy jobs for you your whole life! Also, stop flinging your dirty hand around and spraying pumpkin guts all over my living room. Thanks."

So seriously, Happy Halloween from my house to yours. 

And if you didn't do a bunch of Pinterest-worthy activities, don't worry, neither did I. And I'm sure all of our kids will turn out *relatively* fine.

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  1. excellent! less stress=more fun :)

    1. Seriously! And they don't even know the difference! But they sure do notice when Momma's stressed ;o) Then NOBODY's happy!

  2. We raked leaves and fall-ish oils are in the diffuser and pumpkins from my mother are waiting to be turned into pie. Totally counts as celebrating fall. And dress-up? We do that all.year.long. PS: where'd you get the star hanging in the background? I'm on the lookout for a tree topper.

    1. I found this one on amazon but it's not colorful http://www.amazon.com/Illuminated-Holiday-Christmas-Light-Decoration/dp/B000YT1UN8 and I also got excited about this tutorial for making star decorations for the tree http://maxkade.iupui.edu/ChristmasStar.pdf But if you really want exactly what I have, you'll have to message me with a budget so I can price some for you at the German Christmas Markets this year.