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Friday, November 7, 2014

Adventures in Deutsch | I Love My Kids, but Not in a Creepy Way

So apparently there are two different ways of saying "I love you" in German. And there are appropriate and inappropriate contexts for each phrase.

And guess who's been messing that up for the past three and a half years? This girl.


Reason #532 it's important to learn German from an actual German. (blog post about that right here.)

For example... I love my girls, oh yes I do.

But NOT in the same way I love THIS GUY. Tracking?

In English, I guess we just know from context whether we're talking about romantic love or... what would you call it? "Normal" love?

Anyways, obviously there's a difference between the kind of love you love your kids and the kind of love you love your LOVE. 

Whew that sentence was a doozy... still with me? ;o)

So to say "I love you" to your kids you say, "Ich habe dich lieb" (lieb is pronounced leep)

To say "I love you" to Prince Charming you say, "Ich liebe dich"

You do not, generally, say "Ich libe dich" to anyone other than Prince Charming. Apparently that gets you a confused look from real Germans. They're like... she loves her kids? Eh? *facepalm*

Have you had any funny adventures in a foreign language? Please share in the comments so I feel less like a dork! 


  1. When I was in Germany and we sat next to a group of Germans to eat our boll burgers one lady said something (I'm pretty sure it was about how cute Lily was) and we gave her blank stares (I think you were up getting drinks). So I, in all my German glory, confidently told her that I don't understand ENGLISH. *facepalm* then I mumbled out another sentence correctly about not knowing German but she'd gotten the point by then. -Steph

    1. LOL Steph that was a good one! I don't remember you telling me that at the time! Haha, thanks for sharing... good laugh!