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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Laptop Lunches | An Easy Way to Pack School Lunches

I have been in a pretty serious PB&J rut lately.

When it comes to packing the girls' healthy, varied lunches for German kindergarten, I'm pretty much at a loss.

Two things have come to the rescue:

1) packing the lunches the night before (apparently I have more brain cells in the evening)
2) using these spill-proof lunch boxes (you can use my amazon affiliate link here to check them out)

When I'm in a busy season, I still end up with sandwhiches more often than not, but having these nifty containers makes it a lot easier for me to get creative. Or at least gets me thinking outside the box to send them with leftovers at times. 

Pictured above:

- hard boiled eggs
- homemade cranberry-applesauce
- baby mozz and cherry tomatoes
- cranberry-orange muffins
- soaked apple-cinnamon oven pancake with maple syrup
- homemade sauerkraut
- feta cheese
- half a PB&J sandwhich
- ricotta cheese with maple syrup, jam, and raisins
- cinnamon apples

I've even found them helpful for Jesse's work lunches (apple-cinnamon oven pancake with maple syrup and frozen breakfast burrito above) and once we used them for a family picnic dinner at Yabadoo... I packed a basket with fresh brotchen from Wasgau and we all had a container of German Wurstsalat, sauerkraut, and cherry tomatoes.

Sandwhich kabobs with ranch dressing... that's pretty much as fancy as I get. (pretty time-consuming) But they do love it! Balogna, cheese, bread, and cucumbers. I've also used olives and mini mozz balls.

In answer to your questions, no, they don't always eat the healthy food options I send them (soup and sauerkraut are pretty unpopular) BUT they do like roasted sweet potatoes with raisins and maple syrup lately! I just give things a try and I don't give up right away! Don't be afraid to send something unconventional, like leftover chili... my kids don't mind it room temperature at all!

So I highly recommend these lunch boxes! 

They are a fabulous way to get you thinking of what you can pack for lunch besides a simple sandwich. The portions are perfect for kids and the lidded containers really are spill-proof!

And you can check out their website for even more creative menu ideas if you're in a slump like me!

What are some of your favorite school lunch ideas? Please share in the comments.. I always need fresh inspiration!


  1. I enjoyed the Wurstsalat at Yabadoo! very yummy!

  2. these are creative and colorful and look delish. the containers really don't leak?

    1. Really truly! You should consider them for work lunch! The containers with rounded corners all come with lids and as long as you secure them properly, they really don't leak. The lid of the large container (the outer box) closes pretty flush to the unlidded inner containers (am I making any sense?) so the dry ingredients don't really roll around much, either. And we're talking, when Sam bounces down every step on the way down to the car, the thing still doesn't open! (And it's usually sideways in her bag!)

  3. They look wonderful - love the little containers, and those kabobs would be a real hit at our school dinner table. All the other kids would be coming over to check them out.

    1. Thanks Sherry! The kabobs are a bit of work but they really are fun and I'm finding that adding a little fun seems to get the food eaten a little more thoroughly ;o)