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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to Clean Your Cast Iron Skillet: No Fuss Version

Okay guys. I'm about to show you something scary...

My first every "vlog" post. Don't laugh too much, okay? 

I was learning about how important it is to mix it up sometimes by adding video to my blog. And then the hilarious Sarah Jackson (who I met through the 30 Day Blog Challenge) was telling me how easy it is to just experiment with iMovie.

So I did!

And I thought the easiest intro to vlogging (for me) and the most helpful (for some of you who's asked me about my cast iron) would be to show you how I clean and season a really dirty skillet.

Here goes nothing!

So I think we can all agree... my video-making skills need work! But I'm crossing my fingers that was at least somewhat helpful. To someone. Somewhere.

Some important extras to note: 

I didn't mention in the video... you shouldn't usually cook acidic foods (like tomatoes) in cast iron and you also shouldn't usually wash cast iron with soap. Both things will break up your lovely shiny "seasoning" that comes from repeated use and repeated trips to the 450 degree oven.

That being said, I sometimes do both. I'm free spirited a rebel like that.

If you break the rules, just make sure not to forget to oil it before putting it back in the drawer!

For more detailed information on cast iron care, check out this pinterest board from Lodge.

And if you're curious what else I cook with check out this blog post. 

How do you care for your cast iron? Did I miss anything super super important? Please tell me in the comments!


  1. haha ! You're so cute! I love it! This is pretty much how I've been cleaning mine, only I use Epsom salt, but I recently started washing it every now and then with a little soap.

    1. Agreed! Especially if it has a lot of food leftovers in it, I feel like soap can't hurt every once in awhile.