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Monday, May 23, 2011

Good News

Good News #1:  My Love has saved the day and is getting us cable internet and phone... soon :o)  We were referred to this cool place called The Comm Shop and they basically function as the middle man to help all us dumb English-only-folk navigate the contracts and such with the cable company.  So Friday he got us all set and now all we're waiting on is for them to call (they promised it'd be by Wednesday of this week) to make an appointment to come and install!  I'm crossing my fingers that it'll be by the end of the week so I can actually get some pictures up this weekend... but let's not get our undies in an uproar if it doesn't happen ;o)

Good News #2:  On a related note, I'm hoping my Mom and MIL will forgive the long internet silence when I tell them that Jesse got us UNLIMITED CALLING TO THE STATES on our land line!  So I'll be able to chat your ear off nonstop till I catch you all up on all the grandgirls goings on.  Also, our cable is going to be lightning fast (supposedly) so we should have some rockin' skype dates on the horizon! 

Good News #3:  Our car situation is much improved!  First, our Mercedes was fixed in a day and it cost us less then $200 (whew!).  The mechanic was within walking distance and they came and towed the car down for free.  They informed Jess that there are a few other things "going" on the car, so we know not to expect it to last us that long or anything... or at least we're bracing ourselves to put a little money into it if we feel we still need two vehicles.  AND our other car (the Saturn we already owned) is here.  It came late last week and we're hoping I can get in on Wednesday to take my license so that we can go pick it up together.  YAY! 

Also good news: the sun is bright and beautiful today so I think I'm going to hit the pavement with the girls and get our jog on again.  It was a little rainy this weekend (hence the lack of blog posting... can't *really* sit in the rain on your balcony with your laptop... I guess... *some* people in this family frown on such things...) but it's nice now so I'm determined to start exercising again! 

Hope you have a great week and I HOPE I'll be posting soon with lightning fast cable... and pictures... from my comfy couch! ;o) 


  1. Dear DIL- soooo good to hear from you and know you are all well. Looking forward to the details but just hearing from you makes a mils heart glad. sounds like significant progress is being made in getting acclimated. sorry the car is causing you so many probs...and glad the saturn arrived! will be praying for you wed- tho am confident you have the mad skills necessary to get your german license! relate our love and kisses to the fam (keep lots for you!) and know we miss you...
    love love love you all (ps be forewarned- looking forward to chatting non-stop and rocking skype dates! :0!

  2. Dear Daughter,
    Ditto what MIL said - - - like that goes double for me! Miss you all esp. your lovely, fun blog posting!!!
    hugs to all,

  3. Linder,
    i miss you- just sayin'

  4. WhooHOO! Internet!! I can't wait to see your cuties!

  5. Hey, what's up with these people? It's like your in Germany without any internet or something... Crazy Americans! ;)

    Love ya'll! Think of you often. -Cassie

  6. Toni - I think you should come to NY!!! I miss you toooooooo!

  7. Seeing as you are in Europe, it is no longer "don't get your undies in an uproar", but "don't get your knickers in a twist." :P

  8. Dear Lillian Jayce and Samantha Jordan,
    Your Gramma NEEDS new pictures of you soon soon soon! I love you so so much and miss you a whole lot more!
    love, Gramma R.

  9. Seriously, Germany? Seriously? I'm about to go all crazy on you! Love and miss you, Aiduk's.

  10. congrats on your german driver's license. (have been trying unsuccessfully to post this since yesterday a.m.!) i'm sure you beat out the hubs score ;p
    love love love you guys

  11. NICHTS . . . today's German word and a good commentary on how much we have heard from you lately . . . (it means nothing). . . it is however very difficult to pronounce!

    MISSING YOU!!! (sorry, I tried not to get my undies in an uproar)

  12. just thinkin'- i hope as the 'owner' of this blog you are not able to see how many times i check it =0 'cause then you would def feel stalked =/

    love and miss you bunches...

  13. hahaha Toni!!! I'm pretty sure I would be a bigger stalker than you . . . and I truly don't care! I'm a stalker and I'm PROUD!

    I love you and miss you bunches, too . . . which is the reason I stalk!

  14. A little somethin' somethin' for ya: Reilly is performing in Hamburg on the 27-28 of August. If I googled correctly, that's like 5 hours away from you. Definitely a drive, but I thought I'd pass it on. ;)

    Miss you. And I no longer like Germany. The entire country is dead to me. ;)

  15. you are absolutely right Linder! moms and mils are NOT stalkers ;)

  16. Dear Jessica-
    *YOUR MOM'S* undies are in an uproar b/c you haven't posted on your blog yet! FIVE posts in a month with 31 days are NOT ENOUGH (just sayin')!
    you stalking mother