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Friday, July 15, 2011

Potty Princess Update

On her throne.  Yes, those are Christmas socks.

Shoulda used flash for that first one, too.  Rats.  

And yes, that's snot running down her nose ;o)

The girl would like everyone to know she's pretty much a professional now.  I seriously don't remember the last pee-pee accident!  We still have a poopie-oopsie every so often... she's gone on the potty a few times but still prefers to save it for diapers.  But she's starting to learn that the uh, *urge* to go doesn't always come at convenient times ;o)  She'll figure it out.  

It's so cute when she communicates to us that she's gotta go pee... she gets all wiggly and whimpers and tugs at her undies.  Or runs to the kitchen door so I can open it and we run run run to the potty in the bathroom!  (Seeing her stand at the door reminds me of Luke, the family dog, who would just patiently wait by the door till someone noticed him... or until he couldn't hold it any longer and found some poor soul's bedroom ;o) )  

Well anyways, it's going great.  I'm so proud of her!  And even though it was a bit crazy those first two weeks, I'm super glad we did it.  Totally awesome to have less diapers to change!


  1. Yay for Lily!!! Now for a rendition of my favorite childhood song:
    "She is a super-duper pooper,
    She can potty with the best,
    No more diapers to get in her way,
    We are very impressed."


  2. wow Mattea, I have *never* heard that song - - and that's saying something considering I have a 'song for everything!'

    Gramma's proud of you Lily-bear!!!

  3. YAYAYAY!! Giovanna liked her diaper for poopy best too. She would wait until she woke up every morning and poo while she was waking for the day. She eventually stopped that too. I'm sure Lilly won't take long to move all poops to the potty either. CONGRATULATIONS!!!