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Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Heart Heartlink

My new Heartlink coin on the right :o)  It has Ramstein's symbol and it says U.S. Air Forces in Europe on the bottom.  Jess and I decided that I will probably start collecting Heartlink coins from each base we go to :o) 

I didn't learn a ton of new new information (because some of it was repeat from the orientation class and because some of it was repeat from Keesler's Heartlink class) but I'm still really glad I went. 

If nothing else, for all the free goodies they gave us :o)  We got a book that I'm really excited about... lots of tips and encouragement for military families/spouses... including real life stories of amazing military wives.  I'm looking forward to digging in, but I should probably finish my photography book first! 

We were given a fun bag, a huge folder of info that I still haven't gone through, and votive candle holders... which is perfect because the tenant who lived here before us left me two huge packs of votive candles so some simple holders were on my shopping list :o)  We got some other little goofy trinkets and toys that I brought home for LJ and SJ.  

We also got a $10 gift certificate towards our meal at Chili's, which was really fun because it was a small group (only six of us) of great girls. A nice relaxing lunch with some fantastic ladies :o)

The biggest take-home tip from this Heartlink was to get involved.  They really hit on the Enlisted Spouses Club, which I'm going to look into and probably join.  They do a lot of really neat events and ton of volunteering, which I would love to get involved in.  PLUS they provide free childcare for volunteers!  BINGO!

And I really want to start volunteering here because I learned that the primary mission of this base (and all the bases in the KMC) is the "gateway to Europe" and beyond... meaning everyone who is being deployed "downrange" (I'm not sure why they call it that) stops in Ramstein.  And everyone who is wounded in combat comes to Landsthul Regional Medical Center for stabilization before being flown to a VA hospital in the States.  So there are tons of ways to serve the wounded soldiers and their families.

The biggest take-home reminder from Heartlink was the general role-refresher.  It's so helpful to remember what I already know - I am my husband's biggest help and support.  And that role is even more critical for me to remember as an Air Force Wife.  Because like it or not, my entire family has joined the Air Force... not just my husband.

We go where we need to, we live where he's called, and we leave behind what we love for the sake of our country.

And my support and encouragement and skillful "manning of the fort" back home is going to make Jesse's service to our country all the more successful.  In order for him to serve well, I need to serve well.

Thanks for the reminder Heartlink! :o)


  1. admire you so much Jessica for putting your roles of woman of God, wife, and mother as priorities in your life...thanks for all you do to bless your fam.
    and congrats on the "poop" and "please" success of this morning! ;)

  2. (ohh and just between you and me - i so appreciate the hubs coin envy!!)

  3. Ok, so I totally teared up reading this...partly because you are an awesome blogger, but partly because this is totally where we met and I totally miss you! I'm going to try to hit the heartlink here this month and I just joined the spouses club, and am meeting with the col tomorrow to interview to become a key spouse...busy, busy, busy...hoping to meet some friends as cool as you! :)

  4. *sigh* I miss you, too, friend. I will never be able to attend a Heartlink without thinking of you. Way to go on going for key spouse! Our squardron didn't have a program when we got here but it looks like they're starting one up soon.