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Sunday, July 29, 2012

When in Rome: Buy Grecian Oranges from the Random Fruit Truck Man

We have a fruit truck that comes through our village.  As far as I can tell he only carries apples, oranges, and potatoes. But he speaks awesome English.  And I bought some oranges from Greece yesterday!

A couple months ago I was leaving our house to head out for a quick run and this random truck kind of cornered me and out jumps the Friendly Fruit Man. But I didn't have money on me obviously and I used that as an excuse to say no thanks for now.  (Really, I wanted to get going on my run and I had just gone to the Commissary so our fruit quota was more than filled for the week)  But he promised he'd come back later in the summer.  I never know when he's going to show up... like the "Clangerman".

This time I actually did need some fruit.  But he tried to sucker me into a whole crate (which might very well be a good buy, but I just didn't have the mental capacity to make a 65+ euro purchase on fruit that second) and when I told him I only had ten euro on me he broke the rules and gave me a decent sized bag or oranges from Greece!  Apparently he and his buddies are from Frankfurt but they bring their produce all the way out here (I guess an hour isn't that far, but still) and people place orders with them.

I don't know how this magical ordering system works.  He just comes right to my house and asks me if I want fruit today :o)  I think I might do some price comparison of the apples and potatoes though... if they're comparable to what I spend at the Commissary (for produce that's probably from Spain) it might be neat to order some German produce in bulk. (The apples and potatoes are from Germany)  They guarantee their apples for three months so we'd be good all the way till December.  If we don't eat them all first!

When he found out I was from NY State he started talking to me about the ins and outs of NY apples.  
I'm thinking "Dude you give me way too much credit... I am most certainly NOT an expert on what type of apples are local to my State."  Guess I should pay better attention ;o)

The oranges tasted wonderful... just how they're supposed to and not too many seeds!

I like how some of them even have stems still attached.  Makes me imagine it hanging on a tree in Greece!


  1. the funny part is they look like lemons

    1. Yeah the skin isn't that dark. But the inside definitely looks and tastes of orange!