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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Oh to be a Kid Again

There are moments when my adult-self gets to remember how awesome childhood is. And it's usually when I'm watching my children almost pee their pants with excitement about some super cool experience. 

"You mean we're having ice cream for DINNER?"
"We're going to snuggle and watch movies the WHOLE afternoon?"
"I can have AS MANY fake tattoos as I WANT?"

You know, stuff like that.

Last week Kirsten took us on a little adventure to a summer toboggan track about an hour from us. The track itself was an absolute blast. But this bungee-trampoline business was probably even MORE exciting to Lily and Sam.

My cheeks started hurting from laughing and smiling at them having the time of their lives! Observe...

Lily learned how to flip over and Sammy kept squealing that it was tickling her tummy!

Made me think about how awesome play is. And how I need to do it more. It really is great to jump and flip and twirl and dance and giggle and smile till your cheeks hurt. 

If there's anything my little Monkeys are teaching me lately it's just that:

More play Mom. More play!


  1. Oh you know, just creeping on your blog.. AKA doing my bi-monthly catch up. :)

    The next time your girls visit camp they can do EXTREME TREE CLIMBING. How crazy is that?!?!

    Love you, Jess!

    1. Hey Alana! Thanks for taking the time to catch up and comment! I can't wait to see my girls experience all that camp has to offer! YAY for the next gen!!! HUGS from Germany!