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Monday, September 29, 2014

Back from One Adventure, Ready for the Next | Colmar, France - Momcation

This is my iPod Touch "photo booth collage" from our trip to Colmar, France this past weekend.

With the countdown to their PCS, Kirsten and I thought a girls-only trip to France was definitely in order before she leaves for Texas. We had such a blast and made so many great memories! Not to mention took some fabulous photos... I only have about 200 to edit!

It's such a blessing to be able to get away from "it all" and truly unplug for the weekend. I can't thank Jesse enough for sending me on such a fabulous trip! 

And I can't thank Kirsten enough for letting me be a total lazy-butt and sleep in until 9am both days! AHHHHH I really needed that!

Great photos, great weather, great food, great city, great conversations, great laughs, great friend. It was pretty great.


And now it's time to welcome my Mom back to Germany! 

The girls don't know she's coming and it's going to be such a fun surprise! Gigi is just going to magically appear... for two weeks of FUN!

This week can't get much better!

Three cheers for fun and friends and family memories! Happy Monday!

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