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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Summer Wrap Up

"My whole name is Lillian Jayce Aiguk and Sam's whole name is Sam-ian Jordan Aiguk!"

"Mommy! At school there's a boy named 'Yo High Ness' (Your Highness)"
me: "Um, do you mean Johannes?" (pronounced yo-HAH-nes)

Laying in the sun, she says: "I'm gonna get a tan-burn!"

"My belly hurts, it's going to have a baby soon!" (first food baby after a brunch of treats AND hot chocolate!)

"MOM. Today I want to be the boss of YOU, okay? Just for today." (After a particularly rough morning in Momville when I had the nerve to require that she and Sam help me put their laundry away)

Crepes = "creepies" as in "Can I please have some more cinnamon-sugar creepies?"

me: "Sam, stop eating the egg shells!"
Lily: "Why not? They're like chips!"

me: "I'm going to make lunch soon."
Lily: "Okay! Make it YUMMY!"

Dad: "Hey Sam I like your bandana!"
Sam: (incredulously) "I'M not a BANANA!"

"Can we go to the zoo to see lions and tigers and triceratops?"

We have this cool book called The Busy Body Book (amazon affiliate link here) and so we're learning about fitness and the different functions of different body parts. So on the page where it talks about how our healthy food gets digested and used by the body, I had to explain to a 3 and 4yo what an esophagus was. Sammy said, "sof-o-gus? I yike dat word. Is dat a German word?"

I hope you got a little laugh out of these two crazy monkeys! Have a great day from our house to yours! 


  1. LOVE those beautiful, funny, and smart grand littles!