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Thursday, October 16, 2014

When Gigi Comes to Town

Once upon a time, my Mom made her 2014 visit to Germany. HI MOM!!!

And she surprised the girls. Which was really cute. 

And she brought lots of presents and stickers. And sugar. Cause that's a grandma's job!

And she found Frozen dresses for Ana and Elsa's upcoming birthdays and hosted a pre-birthday tea party. 

And she visited the Dino Park, the Ktown Zoo, Kusel Castle, the ballet studio, and the Japanese Gardens. She also took us out for breakfast a few times - my fave. 

She tired my kids out enough for us all to sleep in a bunch! And J and I got to go on two dates!

We went to Monte Mare for a few swims and water slide adventures. 

We got all tired out at Yabadoo. 

They snuggled on the couch for a lot of movie marathons and naps. She did dishes and started laundry and vacuumed the floor. Cause she's awesome!

We made silly faces. Which Gigi's really good at. 

No really, she's SO good at them! 

We went for walks and sang silly songs and painted our nails with the special FAVORITE colored nail polish she brought us all! 

And then we were sad. Cause she went home. LOVE YOU MOM!!! Thanks for all the wonderful memories!

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