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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Breaking News

Good news, folks! Lily, Bunny, and Blankie are friends again. She has brought them back from their banishment to the other side of the crib. The three comrades can now be found happily playing together in the morning and at the end of naptimes.

Also good news: the washing machine fixer guy called and said it's ready for pickup! HALLELUJAH! Jesse and his friend Chase will hopefully be able to get it picked up tomorrow and then my amazing hubs will install it and make me one very very happy Momma. (Odd how much I am in love with my washing machine...I guess it's a love-hate relationship, huh? Hate the work, but love that it helps me get the work done faster!)


  1. two thumbs up . . . one for the restored relationship between Lily and bunny and blanky, the other for the fixed washer!!!

  2. Yes, fixed washer...yay! (BIG sigh of relief!)

  3. Oh yay! Can you imagine doing all your laundry by hand?! Ugh. Laundry is literally the only chore I am actually able to stay on top of - if only because of the machines we have to do it for us! Glad yours is back :)

  4. By hand...good grief! I think I'm going to go give my washing machine a kiss now ;o)