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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bowling on Super Bowl Sunday... at Least One Thing Worked Out Well That Night

So.  The Pats in the Super Bowl.  You know how it turned out, so we don't need to discuss how disappointing the night was for a New England-loving-family.  We also don't need to discuss this failed family photo.  It was about ten at night... I don't blame the girls for being uncooperative ;o) 

But rewind to a few hours before the Super Bowl... in which Lily and Sam consumed unheard of amounts of Coke, french fries, and chicken tenders.  And stayed up till 10:30pm in hopes that they would sleep in a little for their Momma who would be staying up watching a dumb Super Bowl game until 4am local time. 

Look who's back from Texas!  Hi, Jen!  She had the great idea to go bowling that night and I had the great idea to go bowling up at Sembach... because I had read in the paper that they were going to be open late for the big game.  And I figured it would be pretty empty. 

I definitely called it on that one!  Besides the two guys working there and the one family that came in and bowled a quick game, we had the whole place to ourselves!

Go, Lily, Go!

Daddy taught her how to "pound it" recently ;o)

But the real prize of the night goes to this kid!  She won!  Highest score goes to the littlest girl.  Here's her method of bowling...

1. Have your minion retrieve your ball.

2. Set ball up on it's "slide".

3. Lean over and give it a love-tap for the road.

4. Watch with satisfaction as you claim your victory ;o)

So there you have it.  A fun night for the girls.  Who did sleep in... or at least stay quiet... till 10am mind you!  And even though the Pats failed to get the win, Jen and I still had fun eating jalapeno poppers and watching the game.

Here's the recipe for the jalapenos if you want it. 


  1. HI JEN!!!! Glad you're back to hang out with my girlses!

    Jess - your description of Sammy's bowling skills made giggle! sorry the Pats didn't come through for you after all you did to stay up late and watch them!

  2. I KNOW! The only thing I could think of at the end was "I stayed up all night for this? Blah" Oh well. I was surprisingly energetic the following day, so thank God and no harm done :o) It was still a fun night.