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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sleepy Sammy

I have a little bit of a cold coming on, but I'm not too worried about it BECAUSE I've been able to log plenty of sleep the past few nights thanks to this beautiful Beefcake, bless her heart. 

She likes to sleep almost nine, yes NINE, hours a night now! 

*angel choir sings*

This is not including her daytime naps... which, on her newly solidified schedule, include a two hour chunk of time in the morning where both her AND Lily are sleeping... YES!  (That part really is amazing and I don't know how I'm so lucky to have a toddler who is perfectly content to play quietly in her crib for a half hour after each naptime!  But I'll take it!) 

Anyways, this kid sure does know how to sleep! 

Now, she may just be an angel-baby, but I do have to throw out a pitch for one of my favorite parenting books here.  For some reason Dr. Ezzo and his baby-scheduling-ideas have a bad rep, but I will love him till the day I die.  And I will continue to sing the praises of his book and buy it for every expectant mom that I meet from now until FOREVER!

Because both of my babies were sleeping this much by two months (or so) and I really do think it's because his book gave me the know-how about babies and sleep and naps and all that jazz.  (Side note: some of his other parenting ideas are a little off, but I still love him!)  :o) 

So really, people, don't knock it till you rock it!  (Shout out to Nicole Jeror for showing me the light!  My well-rested baby and my recovering mommy-brain thanks you!)


  1. I hope that all your babies do this for you. I did the same exact thing with both my girls. Unfortunately, it only worked with one of my babies. My other baby is STILL waking up once a night to drink a bottle. Oh well...it won't be like this forever. Just do me a favor and sleep through the night once for me.

  2. Titus was sleeping through the night until the end of December. Teething started and since then he's either been teething or sick. We had a couple of really good nights last week but that has ended. I feel more tired now than I did when he was a newborn!

    He still naps well during the day, but I can never sleep then. Go figure!

  3. 10-4 Hil! And sorry for you both!

  4. Yay, Sammy!!! Yay, Momma!!! And I thank Sue Efthimiou. I still remember the look she gave me when, after owning Natalie for nearly 3 weeks, I still didn't know I was supposed to count 3 hours from when she started nursing-not when she finished. Silly Mommy. I still can't believe it took me 4 very stressed out, sleep deprived, months after she gave me the book, to actually read it.

  5. And thanks to the mistakes *you* made, I didn't have to! :o)